The true test of any exercise device is in its ability to safely affect muscle fiber.

Original SANDDUNE™ meets this challenge of

 Building Balance Fitness.

It begins with relying on the foot’s role of providing balance and assisting in the mobility of our bodies .



Our goal at Original SANDDUNE™ is providing a simple, low-cost, uniquely challenging and effective rehabilitation exercise method for neurological and orthopaedic patients, individuals involved in sports, fitness and the performing arts. Performance enhancing exercises are offered to people involved in professions such as firefighting, all level of athletes and performing artists who want to increase explosive lower body strength and reaction reflexes , balance, coordination, and the dynamic flexibility of  that lower body strength. The result IS greater confidence in all four categories. 

This freestanding, distinctive device delivers a surprisingly high level of “muscular mirror resistance”  as it conforms to the foot’s shape, simulating walking, running and exercising on the sand on patented dual angles – downhill and uphill.  It’s low impact foam composition delivers a new dimension to the “mindful” centering of the somatasensory body ( foot to brain) – another path to educating and retraining the foundation of your physical body (neuropath ways) using the Original SANDDUNE™.


One leg stand, hands in 2nd - 8 yr old

Use for Balance Training in Youth Dance Instruction


Sports and Fitness Applications

Jack & Weights & Dune

Fall Prevention and Baby Boomers



Train Low to Stay Low

Train Low to Stay Low









Consult your doctor and therapy team (if applicable) before beginning use on Original SANDDUNE™ or with any new exercise program. Perform these exercises at your own risk. 

Take all safety precautions for a safe workout with any exercise apparatus or program.



For Information

Contact Cynthia at 714-264-7896 or sanddunechannel@gmail.com

Original SANDDUNE™ Contact

Original SANDDUNE™

Cynthia @ (714) 264-7896 or sanddunechannel@gmail.com

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