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 Original SANDDUNE™ meets the challenge of building balance fitness through its ability to safely affect muscle fiber.  It begins with relying on the foot’s role of providing a strong balance platform and assisting in the mobility of our bodies. Rehabilitation 
Our goal at Original SANDDUNE™ is providing a simple, low-cost, uniquely effective exercise and rehabilitative method for rebuilding proprioception in neurological/orthopeadic patients and for fitness enhancement.

People involved in sports and the performing arts or whose professional lives depend on, demand and  realize these  benefit from its distinctive proprioceptive enhancing properties:

  • Explosive lower body strength
  • Rapid reaction reflexes
  • Enhanced Balance and Coordination
  • Dynamic flexibility of lower body strength 

It is important in rehabilitation that the human body be allowed to adapt to stress applied in small increments and allow this adaptation to occur with adequate time. The unique benefit of the Original SANDDUNE™ is created by its compliant surface which acts as a destabilizing tool forcing active recruitment of the foot, ankle and trunk as it increases leg strength, endurance, spinal flexibility and joint function.

Dr. Keith Kleven – Kleven Institute

Original SANDDUNE™ allows for this adjustment and is utilized as an option to traditional strengthening and conditioning methods in sports and rehabilitation exercise for:

  • Increase in a broader foundation to rehabilitate, work and train from.
  • Conditioning that works closer to an individual’s limits of physical capability in a safe and protected way.

The closed cell construction of  Original SANDDUNE™ is highly reciprocating and effective. The result of pressing the foot down into the pad as you transfer your weight back and forth produces:

  •  Excellent feedback to the foot and then to the brain as your balance and neuroplasticity are challenged. This is known as “Mirror Resistance.”
  • A 20% increase in your energy output. You are not on a solid surface which absorbs your energy. You are on a surface that requires more strength to move than anticipated.


Original SANDDUNE™ used effectively for:

Fall Prevention 

  • Strengthening capabilities to the body’s core and lower extremity muscles lost because of sedentary lifestyle due to illness, lack of exercise or injury.
  • Teaching the concepts of “centering” or maintaining Center Of Gravity (COG) in the proper positioning in a low impact program of exercise.


  • Designed to increase blood flow to the working muscle and tissue mirroring the physical effort applied.
  • Through controlled walking and running in place as well as specific low impact movement sequences.
  • Use for exercise, performance, prevention and maintaining a healthy, injury-free system.
  • Allows for a gradual return to the warm-down for increased flexibility, passive stretching.

Fitness and Sports Conditioning

  • Uphill and downhill simulations build flexibility and strength of the foot and ankle organism critical in all sports for balance, lower body strength, reaction time and speed.
  • Cross training alternative (IELong distance running, firefighting, cycling).
  • Strengthening exercises are achieved with added resistance to upper and lower body.

Cardiovascular conditioning

  • Through controlled measures with variable intensity, position, and force.

Conditions treated with the Original SANDDUNE™ that bring greater satisfaction in results to both patient and therapist include:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Neuropathies
  3. Acute and sub acute strain, foot, ankle, and leg
  4. Drop Foot and other gait challenges
  5. Issues related to Parkinson’s and MS.
  6. Hip, knee, ankle or foot surgery
  7. Ability to walk with confidence through learning proper posture and balance in the positioning of  a body out of balance
  8. Upper back strain, low back pain
  9. Recovery from long periods of bed rest due to illness or injury. IE… Stroke and Heart Attack
  10. Visual and vestibular challenges in all ages.

Sports and Fitness Applications

Jack & Weights & Dune

Parkinson’s Patient Jack Lloyd using the Original SANDDUNE for Gait Improvement



Train Low to Stay Low

Train Low to Stay Low


“Jog” on the SANDDUNE

 Consult your doctor and therapy team (if applicable) before beginning use on Original SANDDUNE™ or with any new exercise program. Perform these exercises at your own risk. 

Take all safety precautions for a safe workout with any exercise apparatus or program.



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