Build Balance and Fitness


 Original SANDDUNE™

* Unique *  Simple * Affordable *

 * Learn to Stabilize on a Destabilizing Platform Surface

** Builds  Stamina, Lower Body Strength, Stability, and Balance

*** Effective for post-op, “prehabilitation”, rehabilitation, athletic training, and maintenance without high levels of stress on foot and ankle.

**** Useful in the reduction of incidents of injury thru proprioceptive training because it creates a full range of motion. 

***** “It is my experience that Original SANDDUNE™ increases the confidence level in movement ability and activity which allows you to move in a stronger and more functional manner.”  

Luscious Irvin Smith, Owner, Lou’s Training Systems, of Anaheim, CA. Retired NFL cornerback.  Rehabilitation of 2nd hip replacement supplemented by Original SANDDUNE™ and balance training regimen at age 58.  




“We’re hooked. It awakens your body,
and it is so simple, it seems like magic.”

Kirk Wassell