When you first awaken in the morning, start with gentle mindful movements like a cat or dog stretches when they get up. Learn to listen to your body. Begin to recognize its changes.  Try the suggestions that will appear over the course of the coming days, to renew or build your connection with your body’s alignment starting with a morning regimen, one exercise at a time, as you attentively experience each one and then finally put them all together in a series of gentle exercises you can use every morning to get your day going.Big Sur 2003

#1Begin with body rolling. It’s a soothing way to get the blood flowing as you roll from side to side with your arms and bent knees folding and unfolding as you roll back and forth. Begin lying on your right side in the fetal position. As you begin to roll on your back, let your left arm float open as it crosses your body and your back flattens on to the bed. Your left knee mirrors the movement of your arm as the hips. Complete the motion by bringing your right arm and leg over to meet their left side’s counterparts in the fetal position. Do this rolling back and forth 4-6 times. Sometimes this is all I do for 2-5 minutes. It feels great on my back.