CROSS TRAINING ON THE SANDDUNE™ by Miriam Tait – Balance Instructor

The Original SANDDUNE™, a unique aerobic/anaerobic compliant device invented for interval training to keep performance level from  losing momentum during off weather or injury downtime.

Being able to excel on off days or rehab muscles and joints when the impact of the ground is over exhausting, SANDDUNE™ Cross Training excels in keeping your current level of fitness.

Increase Cardio, while Reduce or Build

  • Strengthen Muscular-skeletal, Body’s Core MusclesJack & Weights & Dune
  • Build Stamina, Endurance and Agility
  • Develops greater Dynamic Balance
  • Aids in Rehabilitation practices

The device allows the body to train:

  • up-hill, down-hill,
  • sitting, standing, leaning,
  • stretching, walking or running;

    Bounding Segment of Running Workout

    Bounding Segment of Running Workout

Similar to aqua-jogging, or plyometrics in the water, it offers therapeutic options easy on the joints.

Perfect for:

  • Senior Fitness in Fall Prevention,
  • general athletic conditioning among women, men and children and
  •  professionals who fitness and reflexes are key components for successful execution of duties .

Used by for all levels of warm-up, interval training and cool down by:

  • therapists in clinical or personal settings,
  • golf pros, athletes from a variety of sports, professional dancers, and
  • seniors across the country at home or in group balance classes

Miriam in class