DM Client 1

Weighted pant workout for increased intensity rebound work.

Albert Einstein discovered that the human body cannot tell the difference between the forces of acceleration or deceleration and gravity. No one cared about this finding until mirror resistant exercise or rebounding exercise began to hold the interest of those in high levels of the fitness community in the 1970s.

Lou Squats

Rebuild balance, stability and strength in hip and lower body with squats executed in slow graduated drops or static holds at different heights. Fires the Glutes!






All forms of exercise depend on opposition to gravity to have any effect at all. If we have no gravity to hold us down we would not be able to walk upright, let alone exercise.

At the beginning of the space program, NASA took this into consideration when thinking about the astronauts’ health returning from space.

Their concern was the effect their space travel would have on their immune system’s suppression of white blood cells.

Why? When in space the lack of gravity hampers the flow of the lymphatic fluid in the body. It has no pump like the heart to move it along. Atrophy sets in and cells in muscles become weak. This flow can be compared to a great ship traveling through a lock. With no gravity or exercise, there is no need or desire to push to get to the next lock in the canal  or level of fitness.

SD Weighted Belt WkOut

Video clip – Weighted Belt Workout for Upper Body strength, balance, stability and flexibility.

NASA utilized grueling exercise for the astronauts to achieve the rebuilding of the active immune system’s cells upon return to earth. On the other hand, the Swiss used a centrifuge to “fool” the cells into believing they were experiencing increased G-Force and the immune system automatically adjusted by becoming 3 times stronger than under normal earth gravity.

Every single cell in the human body responds instantaneously to the increased physical demands generated by the increased gravity caused by a simple mirror resistance/rebounding workout like that provided on Original SANDDUNE™.

Whose side is gravity going to be on today? 

Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots?

Who would Albert choose?