Physical fitness does not belong to the under 30 group only, nor does healthy balance. So what is going on?

  • Proprioception trainingLack of general physical fitness is the biggest challenge facing Baby Boomers today.
  • This applies to the kids, parents and in some cases the grandparents Boomers are caring for, too!

According to a May 2014 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of adolescents aged 12 to 15 are considered physically unfit.Miller Elem Fit Run

  • It was noted in the 2014 report that of 600 young teenagers put on treadmills to measure
    cardiorespiratory fitness; only 42% of kids were fit.
  • In 2000, by comparison, this figure was 52% – lackluster for sure, but still a majority. Even so, only 54% of children with normal weight – barely half – had adequate levels of cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • “Dr. James Gahche, the lead author of the report from the CDC, said the solution is clear – children simply need to get up and move.”
  • So do their parents and grandparents!

Grifith Park RunThere is an answer. Exercise.  Exercise and the COMMITMENT   to Exercise. You don’t need a gym membership, either. People have forgotten what imagination, parks and outdoor fun can offer, membership or no membership.

The benefits of physical fitness deliver an improved outlook on life as it helps to counter the depression so many take on because of:

  • Inability to participate in sports or general outdoor activity as experienced by children with poor fitness.
  • Loss of mobility and the feeling of being a burden to the family commonly expressed by adults


It is a Family, Group, and Village Matter. It affects us all on some level. When there is a support system that creates accountability within its members, everyone benefits. The Village thrives from infant to elder. Create your support system and begin NOW!Laughing Eagle

Typical reasons and excuses for poor fitness and or balance.

  • Untreated or undertreated back injury from sports, car accidents, weekend “warrior-ism”
  • Generally weak back due to inactivity or poor  posture never corrected in childhood.
  • Not following a physical therapy regimen recommended because it was too painful or boring to do. Unwilling to discuss how you feel with your provider.
  • Being told “you have plateaued” and won’t get any better.” So, why try?
  • Bedridden or inactive with chronic illness like Parkinson’s or MS and not finding effective solutions to strengthening the core and lower body.
  • Too tired to play because the computer or the video game kept the kids up all night and there is no curfew to limit use.
  • Trying to do the Garudasana – The Eagle Pose in high heels.