20160509_170410“For athletes, particularly young athletes, dynamic stabilization of the core for coordination and balance must be realized in the posterior chain.”

This is crucial for aware athletes in developing their athleticism by reducing the risk of Bright Message_1460673677132injury before they occur.  More specifically, strengthening of the lower back.

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This is essential for the athletes in their development work with coaches and trainers as they increase their performance ability by preventing problems before they occur. If working with injury or surgery rehabilitation, Original SANDDUNE™ naturally simultaneously re-educates the body’s proprioceptive component: nerves, connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, and joints.

Enhancement of proper physical fitness is the key. Original Screenshot_2015-06-30-11-54-01(1)Screenshot_2015-06-30-11-54-14(1)SANDDUNE™ offers this component providing a rapid increase in flexibility and range of motion. When you have “range of motion” you become a more functional. The modality decreases the time of recovery as it activates the proprioceptors through training allowing for better functional recovery.  It is difficult to build up all the muscles, including those close to the bone in the same way  you can on Original Sanddune™.


Lou Squats“It is my experience that Original SANDDUNE™ increases the confidence level in movement ability and activity which allows you to move in a stronger and more functional manner.”  Luscious Irvin Smith, Owner, Lou’s Training Systems, of Anaheim, CA. Former NFL cornerback.  Successful rehabilitation of 2nd hip replacement supplemented by Original SANDDUNE™ and balance training regimen at age 58.



20160505_155948Lunges on the Original SANDDU

It really does not matter your age –

it works on and with anyone who wants to commit to better health, strength, and wellness.

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