Hello, my name is Cynthia Orsini-Dahl.

My goal is to creatively inspire peers, business leaders, their employees, and family – youth to the elder, as all collectively develop or rebuild their athletic, wellness and fitness lifestyle, to stop and take time to embrace a personal program of fitness of mind and body. As a daughter of a support_our_troopsUnited States Marine who went into combat, I am donating my time to the Veterans and Veteran Business owners who have let their physical fitness go as they rebuild their lives and strengthen their fiscal fitness. 

I am a certified instructor of traditional yoga thru Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, USA, aka VYASA-LA,  a chapter of the renowned SVYASA — University in Bengaluru, India founded by Dr H.R. Nagendra under whose advisement, VYRF USA was formed by Shri B.U.Patel, Shri Babubhai Gandhi and Shri K.V.Chakrapani in 2002. With this chapter in California, our mission has organically become to Combine the Best of the EAST with that of the WEST. 

Although I work with the general population, my main focus is working with competing athletes and active fitness-minded individuals in need of flexibility, breathing and relaxation training regardless of age. You may be strong and fast but can be prone to injury or recurring injury because your body lacks balanced flexibility. I have experienced this dilemma personally which is why I learned this method of yoga instruction.

I am also a representative of the Original SANDDUNE™, which meets the challenge of building balance’s fitness through its ability to help the body relearn its reliance on the foot’s role of providing a strong balance platform and assisting in the mobility of our bodies. The goal is providing a simple, uniquely effective exercise and rehabilitative method for neurological / orthopaedic patients, for fitness enhancement and general wellbeing. Its unique construction simulates the low impact benefits of walking and exercising in the sand. People involved in sports and the performing arts or whose professional lives depend on and demand fine tuning of their body’s proprioception are able to recognize the benefits from Original SANDDUNE™’s distinctive proprioceptive effective enhancing properties.


Download Abstract #1 by Dr. Keith Klevin- The use of the SANDDUNE in treating pathologies of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back.

This predictability of Original SANDDUNE™’s gentle resistance factors comforts the neuro-muscular system and encourages additional muscular involvement, engaging the whole body beginning with the foot.

As it simultaneously reeducates the nerves, connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, and joints, it increases the confidence level of movement ability and activity of body awareness. This allows your body to move in a stronger and more functional manner as it helps build strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

A must for people recovering from injury, chronic illness, or surgery. Whether you are gently walking on Original SANDDUNE™ or an intermediate learner,  learning the “Flutter Steps”, you will notice and feel the difference. 



Marine Veteran & Hall of Fame Boxing Referee Richard Steele’s experience on Original SANDDUNE


Gary Ball Toss

Veteran Fire Fighter using weighted belt. 45 seconds

2nd position modified tree crop

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