Why are active people in their 50’s and 60’s needing knee and hip joint replacements? Could it have something to do with how we have exercised in the past and into the present? 

When you think about it, we live in a very flat world. We walk on hard surfaces. Pavement, flooring, stairs, treadmills and even elliptical trainers do not require the foot to respond in the way that walking on the uneven ground or sand does. In fact all that hard pounding on pavement actually dulls our sensory systems. We have over 90 muscles in our pelvic area, legs and feet. Walking and running on hard, unforgiving surfaces cause the smaller, more sensitive muscles to guard against injury. They protect themselves by no longer participating when we walk. The result is that we use the same large muscles in our legs and buttocks in walking, running, biking and sports over and over. Eventually those overused muscles get stiff and sore, limiting movement in the joints.  The result is that we are wearing out the joints of our legs early in our aging process. The SANDDUNE™ offers the option to “train” on a surface that is “easy”  on the joints, muscles and tendons.