A suggested low impact full body workout for the person with good balance can include a weighted fitness ball of 2- 20 pounds or a large fitness exercise ball. The preference is yours. This balance training exercise will challenge you with either type of ball. Make sure to work both the uphill and downhill slopes of the SANDDUNE™.

To begin, start tossing a small ball hand to hand, while padding or jogging is a good way to begin orienting your balance to this workout. Remember to pick a focus point; this will help you keep up your sense of balance as you train to improve your coordination and strength. Next, do side stretches holding the ball over your head, followed by gentle forward bending stretches for the back and hamstrings finishing with arching and leaning back to open up the front of the body.  You will want to have a wall or barre (something supportive) near you for these exercises.  Use of the ball with forward or back bends is based on how you feel about using the ball with these movements. Adding hips circles will get the knees and hip joints warmed up.

As a workout, try Figure 8 movements (small or large figure 8) or full body circles alternating directions with completion of each revolution. Do these while slowly padding, again taking care to do an equal amount of time on the uphill and downhill slopes. For example, make it a count of 5-20 circles on both slopes. Try circling a small ball around your core as you pad or jog. As you become more balanced and stronger, try passing the small ball under your leg for 1-2 minutes. This will challenge and strengthen your balance.