Right now there is a DEMAND for better or greater balance in all aspects of HUMAN performance. 

Original SANDDUNE’s unique properties have the capacity to help rebuild these “balance” challenges.

Miriam and classDaily living – sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, gait and core strengthExercise by the River

Fitness – rebuilding, maintenance and weight loss

Recovery from surgery or injury – hip, knee, ankle, foot surgery and lower back issues (Prehabilitation and rehabilitation)

Ageing population – chronic illness leading to sedentary lifestyle, and poor gait
Lunges on the Original SANDDU

Caregivers – facing lack of physical exercise due to demands of caregiving


Children and Adults with Visual and or Vestibular challengesFirst Contact - JackThe HamBone crop





Coping with the challenge of chronic illness or physical

 limitation regardless of age– Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, Diabetes …

Professional – Firefighter, professional athlete

Train Low to Stay Low

Front Angle Golf shrp

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Now is the best time to begin your journey to better balance.