The SANDDUNE™ feels great to the feet and body but be aware to start with a workout suited to your fitness level using care. If you are not able to begin with the 15 minutes a day, twice a day as suggested, and 5 minutes twice a day is your cap, that’s great! That’s your threshold to begin your road to fitness! If you are building or rebuilding strength, try getting on the SANDDUNE for 1 or 2 minutes sporadically throughout the day building from there. Walk by, hop on, go for a quick jog. The key is knowing your body’s capabilities. If under a doctor’s care, talk to your doctor or therapist about your desired goals-they are part of your team on your of building or rebuilding your body.

Because the SANDDUNE™ is made up of hundreds of thousands of reciprocating cells that allow air to be forced out and drawn back in, it takes effort to resist the resistance you are creating by compressing the pads. The elasticity of the apparatus, together with the patented design, compressed from any angle, centers the point of compression so that the energy enters and exits through the same spot.  Cells that are compressed last, rebound first, funneling and redefining the energy transfer back to the point of origin. It just does not feel like an effort until you get going, like walking in the deep sand at the beach after 10 or 15 minutes.