Why should I try using the SANDDUNE™ instead of  the treadmill or elliptical trainer all the time?

SANDDUNE™ is a molded foam exercise device comprised of a blend of two different foam densities. One density allows you to sink into the SANDDUNE™ and the other pushes your foot back up. If walking or exercising on conventional surfaces causes you pain or discomfort in your joints, either during the activity or afterwards, you will be amazed at how comfortable walking on the SANDDUNE™ feels. Especially after wearing high heels or heavy work boots it is an immediate relief  and comfort to step on the SANDDUNE™.  The uniqueness of its form, angles and materials combined, offer the body greater opportunity to incorporate a higher degree of participation of the small, forgotten muscles involved in proprioceptive system and allows better mobility in the hip joints, knees, ankles and feet.