Granny @ 86 yrs Young!

Our goal is to provide people who are “at risk” for falling, a unique device that WILL adds a valuable new dimension in your desire to help others or yourself, achieve greater balance, coordination and strength as a greater confidence to participate in life with less fear of falling is realized.

With more nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities reporting increases of people being admitted who have fallen, this fact is creating a “call to action” nationwide, to develop Fall Prevention and fitness programs that are effective and enjoyable while creating a community of support for those who need to embark on a renewal of fitness and vitality.

Letting physical vigor and productivity drop because you have retired, and ignoring the signs of loss of balance and strength can lead to falls and the chances escalate that you will continue to fall without some sort of intervention in the form of a fitness program to strengthen balance, gait and flexibility.  Look for signs of everyday activities that require sitting and standing as a normal part of day, becoming more challenging.  Cane and Dune

With over 8,000 people per day turning 65, it is alarming that one-third of this demographic are injured due to falls. Make it a personal “call to action” to start a fitness program or keep your fitness on a level that is compatible with your capabilities, age and health.

Create a list questions for discussion with your doctor to develop an exercise regimen and review diet. Join a club or a group to help motivate and energize you as you begin your new path of better fitness and vitality. Get Moving Again Get Back Into Living Life with Zest and Zeal!