With more nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities reporting increases of people being admitted who have fallen, this fact is creating a “call to action” nationwide, to develop Fall Prevention and fitness programs that are effective and enjoyable while creating a community of support for those who need to embark on a renewal of fitness and vitality. People like Jack LaLane,  Lilias, LungeBilly Blanks, Jane Fonda, Joseph Pilates, and Rodney Yee have created fitness communities that can be embraced at all fitness levels with proper guidance – from kids to grandparents. Letting physical vigor and productivity drop because you have retired, or have reached that “age” that the “norm” says you can let it all hang out, creates the chances of becoming a candidate at risk for falls. Many people hit age 50 and decide I have had enough of sweatin’ to the oldies and runnin’ on empty. My feet hurt and now I can sit back relax and gather some moss on the stone that has stopped rollin’. But, hey look at the Rolling Stones – no moss is gathering there! Ignoring the signs of loss of balance and strength can lead to falls. The chances escalate that you will continue to fall without some sort of intervention in the form of a fitness program to strengthen balance, gait and flexibility. The increasing difficulties of getting out of the car or your favorite chair are a couple of signs to be aware of.Cane and Dune

Since the Baby Boomer population began hitting age 65 in 2011 at a rate of 8,000 per day, it is alarming that one-third of people over 65 are injured due to falls. Make it a personal “call to action” to start a fitness program or keep your fitness on a level that is compatible with your capabilities, age and health. Some will have greater capabilities than others and that’s fine. It’s all about taking care of your health and fitness. Start really enjoying your grand-kids or kids in some cases. Take the time to talk to your doctor about exercise and diet. Join a club or a group around the corner at a recreation center. Cycle n Skate