The unique properties of Original SANDDUNE™ provide a cushioning, conforming platform ideal for use in the early segments of a rehabilitation plan. Its surface gently forces the foot’s muscles, tendons and ligaments to stretch as your weight shifts from one foot to the other. Simultaneously your whole body is adjusting to gain its Center of Gravity (COG).

"Toes Down" Stretch

“Toes Down” Stretch

"Toes Up" Stretch

“Toes Up” Stretch

Few balance devices allow the whole foot to sink down into their surface  while offering the benefit of allowing your toes to stretch and work individually.  Original  SANDDUNE’s material and construction allow for these “Toe Cross Fit Workouts.”

Relearning to press each toe, individually, into the floor and then into the SANDDUNE™, is a job many pairs of feet have not done since they were running around barefoot as kids. Try it right now and see how challenging it is! Don’t look down at your feet while you try! Among the select few who  use their whole foot besides kids and a select group of athletes are:

  • Gymnasts
  • Dancers
  • Runners in ” nature’s socks” like Abebe Bikila or Zola Budd
  • Yoga devotees to name a few (sans yoga socks!).
Peeling The Heel

Peeling The Heel

“Peeling the Heel” is an exercise that promotes greater flexion in the ankle arch, and allows the Achilles to tendon to stretch and strengthen slowly. This means greater ankle strength, and can increase the leg stride. You are now “firing the glutes” and learning to walk from the hip. And getting gentle trigger point therapy for the foot at the same time.

Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  Help your toes begin your journey today with Original SANDDUNE! Give them theBoost of Balanceas your Holiday Season begins!