The Original SANDDUNE™  provides an additional platform for more effective warm-up and cool-down. Incorporate some of your stretches along with an easy jog to kick start the body’s engine. Try adding regular stationary exercises (ie…curls on the uphill slope) on the SANDDUNE™ for greater challenge because of the additional balance required. Golfers, who practice simulated strokes on the SANDDUNE™, report cutting strokes off their game because their bodies are more responsive. With consistent use, muscles are developed that you have been unaware of and were previously unengaged. This apparatus will help increase lean muscle mass. It is an easy workout perfect for a light day – add hand or ankle weights to increase the intensity of the workout if preferred.

For active people and athletes, cross training on the SANDDUNE™ translates into better coordination, more flexible joints/tendons, and responsive musculature. When beginning training or resuming working out after a self-imposed or injury-imposed layoff, the SANDDUNE™ helps reduces chances of injury and shortens recovery time as the sarcomeres (which are groups of muscle cells involved in the contraction and relaxations of muscles) are not so easily torn. It is the breakdown of the cells and muscle tissue that give us the inflammation and soreness we all love to hate. “No Pain, No Gain” as the old saying goes!

Muscles are usually stiff and sore a day or two after returning to activity because of damage to muscles fibers being stressed past their “normal or current” length from daily use. By the time you are into week #2 of becoming “Rocky”, additional sarcomeres have developed within the muscles, lending themselves to greater strength and protection of the muscles as they are being built up. Starting the workout regimen more prudently takes from the amount of “pain we gain” as we begin rolling toward fitness again. Remember that the SANDDUNE™ encourages proper use of the whole body in walking, running, golfing, dancing and sports.