What an appropriate document to receive at this time, when the CALIFORNIA COLLEGE SYSTEM, UNIVERSITIES and COMMUNITY COLLEGE, are addressing this very issue, NOT IN A POSITIVE WAY, BUT IN A NEGATIVE WAY, with issue SB 173, which is undermining their own fiscal state budget in the overall scheme of things.

THIS “CALL TO ACTION”  is one which not only has a “clear sense of vision,” but allows “the senior adult” to live wisely and confidently regarding ones own wellness choices.  Retirement is not about “stopping” in order to get on with die -ing.  It is a way of refocusing ones energy and rediscovering why you are on this planet, and what you next mission is – how you can expand others with your gifts, passions and talents.  Most retirees do this amazing work as volunteers.  They raise funds, volunteer at VA’s, run the “Meals on Wheels” programs which feeds millions of seniors.  They run the voting booths, volunteer at hospitals, and these areas named are but a speck of countless hours spent addressing and helping others.  They also pay taxes.

The “Call to Action” would save the STATE MEDICARE SYSTEM thousands, no millions of dollars in medical, rehabilitation, and therapeutic costs. It is as if “the blind are leading the blind.”  Senate Bill 173, puts education at risk, without considering how many of our SAFETY,  WELLNESS, and ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAMS ARE actually addressing FALL PREVENTION  through such classes as “BALANCE and MOBILITY” which uses the guidelines of STATE RESEARCH PROJECTS such as performed by Dr. Rose and Dr. Jones through the Gerontology Department at Ca. State University,Fullerton. entitled “FALL PROOF.” The Fall Prevention Project was documented with results that clearly address not only a Positive Approach to Balance Awareness and how to strengthen the body to keep “self-awareness” as a priority, but also documents the medical costs spent on hip replacements, which may or may not save ones life in the end.  People, wake up.  Your power and rights are being usurped.

I use the Sanddune in my four Balance Courses, because of the amazing and positive results.  And guess what?  At this time, Saddleback Emeritus classes are free.  Wake up, the enemy is at our gates, and it is coming to steal your “rights to live.” Miriam Tait