Once your rocking is complete become still.

  • Begin to visualize your head and neck in line with your spine by imagining someone is running a string from the center of your head to the tip of your tailbone as the spine aligns itself.
  • Place your arms a few inches from your side with your palms down and legs straight, your feet and knees in line with your hips. Wiggle your body around a bit, settle in and relax for a minute or two in a brief mindful meditation.CAM01042
  • Next, press the heel of one leg into the bed, keeping it straight. Feel your leg become tense and hold for 4 counts with the first press being light and subsequent presses done with quick release of the heel into the bed.
  • Repeat this 4-6 times. Repeat with the other leg holding for a count of 4 and repeating this 4-6 times. As your body gets used to this, you might try increasing to 8-10 times…then 12-16 times. This increases circulation. Don’t push too hard in the beginning, as you may get a leg cramp!

Once finished, prepare to stand.