Now that you have rocked, rolled and become still, it is now time to step up activating your body. Roll up to your hands and knees to begin a lower back stretch is in order. Make sure your fingers are facing forward and your toes/feet are flat on the bed or floor in the event the dog or cat or whomever, will not move over and give you your needed space! Hands should be under your shoulders or a couple of inches in front of the point on the shoulder and in line with your hips.

Begin with a flat back then drop your head downward, exhaling your breath, as you push the center of your back up opening the shoulder blades, widening your back and ending with the tucking of your tailbone.  (cat stretch)

Now reverse the motion, inhaling your breath, as you begin to arch your back, press your tail bone upward and drop your belly. CAM01043Your head should be last to come up. As you return to the upper arch stretch of your back, make sure your head is last to drop into its position. Your head should always be the final body part to complete the stretching movement. You are creating a wave with your body, a fluid soothing motion to the spine. (cow stretch). If you are not used to this, begin with 5 stretches each and work up to as many as is comfortable for you. When you have finished your last stretch, become still with a flat back. Begin to feel your body awaken. Listen to your body.