When recuperating from knee/hip surgery or injury, the biggest obstacle that many patients face is keeping with the program! Many patients do not like the pain of beginning physical therapy after this type of surgery because of the pain experienced when walking on hard surfaces.  Appointments are skipped to avoid the pain. I have seen family and friends do just this. They may say to their physical therapists “I am doing great, doing my exercises everyday” and then not follow through with their recommended regimen at home because, again, it is painful and there is no incentive. This is one case where no pain, no gain it not mantra of choice.

The patient goes to the office for their visit and the physical therapist notes that their progress is not correlating with the amount of time reported for following prescribed exercises for “home” work. Therefore this renders the physical therapy sessions ineffective for the patient. Mindfulness

Your center becomes the foundation of building coordination and strength. The SANDDUNE™ helps restore the stability, mobility, and flexibility to the muscles recovering and rebuilding after an injury or a replacement of the knee or hip. When on the exercising on the SANDDUNE™ you are not centered on your physical challenge.

Providing a challenging yet comfortable apparatus to rehabilitate with is a key factor in the motivation to keep appointments and do the prescribed therapeutic exercises. The Original SANDDUNE™ gently forces you to focus and become more mindful of your body’s movement while finding and maintaining your balance on the apparatus.