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Demo and Brief Description of Low Assault Workout

As professionals whose livelihood weighs heavily on their ability to get into and out of buildings that are burning and collapsing, firefighters know that their job demands superior upper body strength and balance coupled with that same demand for their lower extremity strength and mobility. Their job requires them to work in a crouch position staying low to the ground so their profile is not in the midst of blinding, choking smoke. With job descriptions that include:

  • Guiding and carrying people out of burning cars or collapsing buildings
  • Tearing down walls to create escape routes
  • Dragging 50 lb hoses

This equates to lower body strength being paramount. Fast reaction time, speed and strength are key.   In the athletic world:

  • defensive and offensive  linemen in football
  • sprinters coming out of the blocks
  • jockeys
  • ballet dancers
  • martial artists
  • skiers
  • soccer players

are some examples of the athletes whose lower body strength, reaction time and speed are critical to their
Marine in gear performance.
This same premise can be applied to military troops who must carry 75 lbs and upwards on their backs during training and on the battle field. The Low Assault – Get Low to Stay Low workout will help build sustained, explosive muscle strength and fluid lower body power.