Etruscan Art 520-510 B.C  Terracotta and Pigment by Epiktetos – The Athletic Trainer

The forked stick held by this man identifies him as an athletic trainer.               Trainer rvmp

The ancient author Epictetus (A.D. 55-135) vividly describes the role of a trainer in an athlete’s path to victory:

[Athlete:] I wish to win an Olympic victory.

[Trainer:] (If so), you have to submit to discipline, follow a strict diet, give up sweet-cakes, train under compulsion at a fixed hour, in heat or in cold; you must not drink cold water, nor wine just whenever you feel like it; you must have turned yourself over to your trainer precisely as you would to a physician. Then when the contest comes on you, you have to dig in beside your opponent, sometimes dislocate your wrist, sprain your ankle, swallow quantities of sand, take a scrourging; yes, and then sometimes get beaten along with all that.

Common knowledge to the Spartan Running Girl, Marathon Man, Phidippides of yesteryears and today.  (Courtesy of Wall Panel with an Athletic Trainer housed at the Getty Villa Malibu)

This is certainly no new fad, certainly to not to the athlete. Trainers have been telling us to “be quiet and get to work or you would not be in my gym”, for a very long time. (520-510 B.C)

This phenomenon is new, however, to 21st century people who:

  • Sit in cars for what seems to be an eternity to go sit at computers all day.
  • Sit in the same cars to go home and sit at another computer, or be entranced with television and video games..
  • Inactivity is further compounded by the choice to eat mindlessly while doing these “activities.”

Take a break. Move, Sweat!

  • Champion” your effort to return to better health with no complaints. The consequences of inactivity are not pleasant.
  • Dealing with physical challenges? Move to the best of your ability!
  • Work best by engaging family, friends or joining a group of people who are facing the same physical challenge? Do that! There is power in numbers.
  • Do what’s right for you. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist.

Submit to discipline, healthy diet, new hours, unfavorable weather, tepid water and lack of sweet-cakes or “donies” as they are called in our house! Train for the Good Life of Health to the best of your ability. #buildbalancedfitness