The brain’s job is to learn and when occupied in an inner awareness or mindful undertaking, like meditation, its capacities grow because you need to pay attention/focus for the brain to learn the activity.

  • In yoga, for example, when you first begin, one must move slowly and mindfully to understand what is happening when learning a new motor skill.
  • The focus on and practice of these new activities causes the brain to adapt, and to create new motor and sensory-motor maps for the task at hand.
  • This is known as “neuroplasticity.”IMG_0019

Science has shown that this phenomenon of the brain called “neuroplasticity,” enables it to create its own re-organization and produce new neurons. Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita, American neuroscientist and Moshe’ Feldenkrais, a Ukrainian born physicist/mechanical engineer, are responsible for coining the term and introducing this to the world of science.

The premise of the Original SANDDUNE™ addresses:

  • neuromuscular disorders
  • performance acceleration
  • weight control
  • balance issues

In the realm of sports, it has been used by dancers, professional, amateur, and “school based” teams, and medically by physical/occupational  therapists for injury and post surgery rehabilitation.