…and it may be worse than most thought.

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– click on the image for important information about the global impact of poor dietary habits.

This could very likely mean our children and grandchildren will suffer from maladies common in middle age, at an early age. This will have a profound effect on health care systems globally as well society as a whole.

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Get up and get off the couch, or the recliner. Put down the remote, the potato chips, the donuts, the sauces, creams, and processed foods.

CAM07932Begin to cook your own foods, better yet, take a cooking class with
friends. This will help make one another accountable and you can enjoy sharing recipes.

Can’t make the gym?

  • Workout at home, at the park with the kids or grandkids. Utilize DVDs or  YouTube, which has an abundance of free fitness videos that are easily accessible from your computer, phone or tablet.  

  • Join a group in your neighborhood that promotes wellness activities on a regular basis.

Couch_potatoExcuses are abundant and so are extra calories. Get rid of the excuses and the extra calories by taking time each day to exercise over inactivity instead of being a couch potato.  

IMG_1008Give 30 minutes a day the opportunity for a new The HamBone cropyou. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening is your commitment to yourself and a great model for the youth in your family to follow.

What have you got to loose?