Our goal at the Original SANDDUNE™ is to provide orthopaedic and neurological patients of all ages from kids to grandparents, as well as dancers, golfers, and athletes from other sports, the benefit of working out on this challenging and effective apparatus. It will add a valuable new dimension to the goal of helping reestablish greater balance, coordination and strength to those coping with the fear of falling due to   injury, illness and recovering from surgery.

The distinctive properties of the SANDDUNE also lends itself to athletes striving to increase coordination,  greater flexibility in their joints, core strength, a more responsive musculature, and balance components critical to sound fitness and successful athletic performance.

Jack & Weights & Dune

Jack’s 5 minute testimony

One leg stand, hands in 2nd - 8 yr old

Mighty Dancer!

SD Squat

Cardio Burst Squat Run