The Original SANDDUNE™ is designed to involve the four major senses necessary for balance — engaging systems compromised by neuromuscular diseases such as diabetic related neuropathies, neuromas (ie. Metatarsalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s) simultaneously. 

Lou Squats

Click on the image to learn more about former NFL Pro Cornerback Lucious Irvin Smith of Lou’s Training Systems. Lou is no stranger to sports performance training and rehabilitation. Utilizing Original SANDDUNE™ after his 2nd hip replacement surgery, Lou was positively influenced with the lower body strengthening it delivered in a short period of time with consistent use. “It challenges the glutes making them fire. This is your base and key for keeping the lower back strong.”

Where athletes are the focus, particularly young athletes, involving injury or surgery rehabilitation, Original SANDDUNE™ naturally simultaneously re-educates the nerves, connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, and joints. It enhances the component of proper physical fitness, key to young athletic bodies, by providing a rapid increase in flexibility and range of motion.

For rehabilitation, the Original SANDDUNE‘s value is in its gentle muscle stimulation and rebuilding, carrying you simply and effectively while regaining basic balance and strength lost due to injury, surgery or illness. It brings about a reestablishment of strength and balance in a relatively short period once work on the modality has begun — with less pain. It is a valuable tool in “prehabilitation,”  helping strengthen core and lower body muscles prior to hip or knee surgery. 

The ability of this modality to stimulate the neuromuscular system with its unique nerve activation element of gentle “Proprioceptive Training” makes it an effective instrument to incorporate into different phases of exercise or in early initial segments of rehabilitation regimens.



Original SANDDUNE™ customer results:


Positive Carry Over

Positive Carry-Over
Positive carry-over after first use to next treatment.

Patients Notice the Difference
Patient-driven request for continued use.

Effective Tool
A self-motivating tool that provides a positive and effective challenge.

Immediate Usage
Incorporation of the modality can begin immediately or within a 2 week period of the surgery / injury depending on the patient and rehabilitation specialists recommendations.

Stress Reduction
Jarring or stress to the injured area is greatly reduced due to the yielding surface.

Less Pain, Improved Movement
Allows for less painful weight bearing movement and greater retention of the condition of the muscles and ligaments around the effected area.


Copyright ©2014 by Cynthia Orsini-Dahl. All Rights Reserved

Copyright ©2014 by Cynthia Orsini-Dahl. All Rights Reserved

Currently used by physical and Kinesio therapists in:

 Outpatient clinics
 Athletic training centers
 Rehabilitation facilities
  Community living centers
 Seniors’ independent living communities