“Did you realize that one out of three people 65 and older falls each year?”

CDC   |   Home and Recreational Safety   |   February 19, 2014


“If you avoid physical activity because you are afraid it will make a fall more likely, tell your doctor. He or she may recommend a carefully monitored exercise program or refer you to a physical therapist. The physical therapist can create a custom program aimed at improving your balance, flexibility, muscle strength and gait.”

Mayo Clinic


Original SANDDUNE™’s part in fall prevention resides in its capability to strengthen the body’s core muscles which are weak in many people, particularly elders who become sedentary through illness, lack of exercise or injury. This also applies to Caregivers who often overlook their own fitness and wellness while assisting with caregiving for sedentary elders. 

Seniors facing struggles that keep them from engaging with others and enjoying life due to challenges like diabetic neuropathy and recovering from stroke or hip or knee replacements benefit from utilizing the Original SANDDUNE™. Why?  It is not a complicated machine and the simple construction coupled with the gentle pliable, resistance properties make physical exercise and rehabilitation sessions a more beneficial and encouraging experience. Used regularly, it is effective and fun making getting up and moving a more enjoyable habit to form and keep. 



The predictability of Original SANDDUNE™’s mild resistance factors includes:

Overall Muscular Involvement
Encourages greater overall muscular involvement by stimulating the muscles of the body’s core and lower extremities to connect and develop a stronger functioning connection resulting in balance, strength, tone and flexibility overall.

Low Impact Strengthening
An effective resource for caregivers and  high functioning seniors who are physically fit looking for ways to improve and maintain their core and lower body strength without the effects of exercises that are jarring to bones, joint or lower back. This is essential for caregivers who are handling patients that challenge physical strength and stamina.

No More Shuffling
Consistent use helps restore the confidence to lift your feet when walking instead of shuffling and stumbling.



The commitment of 15 minutes twice a day is suggested, working both uphill level and downhill level to begin rebuilding, strengthening and aligning your body. If 3 minutes twice a day is what you are able to do, then start there. Get started on your journey of reaching that 1000 steps now — patient or caregiver!

Consult your doctor and therapy team (if applicable) before beginning use on Original SANDDUNE™ or with any new exercise program. Perform these exercises at your own risk. Take all safety precautions for a safe workout with any exercise apparatus or program.