Experience the innovative approach to fitness, dance, & sports by building and maintaining the momentum of the efforts of your regimen and performance through flexibility and strength kept intact and in-sync through the uniquely engineered properties of the Original SANDDUNE™. 

Its structure helps the body’s natural feedback accept the stimulation generated by the “Mirror Resistant” movement created when you press your feet into the pads when running, walking, “padding” or exercising (ie..kettlebell throwing) on its surface.

Original SANDDUNE™ is also useful in the reduction of incidence of injury through proprioceptive training because it creates a full range of motion. This is crucial for “aware” athletes in developing their athleticism by reducing the risk of injury before they occur. If an injury does occur, proprioceptive training on Original SANDDUNE™ aids in re-educating and retraining the injured area and in some cases may decrease the time of recovery through its unique nerve activation element.


Sports & Fitness … Utilize the “Cardio Blast”

For Maxing Out The Core and Leg Muscles! Click image for video.



Dance, Pilates & Yoga – Utilize to Elongate, Strength, and Tone

To Gain More Muscle Control of Core and Lower Body.


What makes the Original SANDDUNE™ different?

Destabilizing Platform Tool 

Increases the function & activity of the lower body and trunk by forcing active recruitment of neuropaths.

Special Density Foam
The special density foam with its dual angles conforms to the shape of the foot.

Nervous & Muscular-Skeletal System Focus
It places the demand for the balance & control on the nervous and muscular-skeletal system. The Original SANDDUNE™ re-educates the muscle through proprioceptive

Muscle & Joint  Reeducation 
Original SANDDUNE™ reeducates the muscle through proprioceptive stimulation that creates muscle activation so the muscle becomes functional again. It also reeducates the joint so that the muscle and joint are able to work functionally again as the full range of motion has been reestablished.

Stimulation & Massage
Metatarsal bones are stimulated and massaged as it reconditions rejuvenates and strengthens the muscles in the foot and the toes.

Rapid Response
Unique medium for developing enhancement of proper physical fitness is the key. Original SANDDUNE™ is this type of medium offering the component providing a rapid increase in flexibility and range of motion between the core and lower body. 

Mirror Resistance Exercise
The Mirror Resistance Exercise develops stability, coordination, tone, strength & flexibility, comfortably by mirroring your body’s exertion effort as you exercise on its surface.

No Static Weight / Impact
No static weight/impact is experienced leading to muscle tearing and soreness the following day unless an extended amount of time is spent on the apparatus.

Places Unique Demand on Sensory System
Original SANDDUNE™ places demand on the sensory system not typically encountered on many of the training apparatus’ available.

Whole Body Response
The body’s response to the apparatus is experienced as a “whole body” response, not an abrupt motion response. You learn to become “mindful” of your body in space.



How this is achieved on Original SANDDUNE™:

Simple shifting weight from foot to the other is ideal for those beginning their quest back to fitness.

Modified ExercisesIMG_2171
Executed with weights (free or stationary) and kettle bells.

Use of Fitness ToolsPrayer Twist Crop
Such as bands, medicine, fitness balls, jump ropes, kettlebells and balance poles.

Cardio Blast Running Exercise Programs
Utilizing short or long term blasts increasing overall stamina, and the strength, length, tone and flexibility of the torso and lower body.


Standard, modified, yoga, Pilates, freestyle.

Result: core muscles engage more effectively with their lower body counterparts. This is especially important for young athletes.



Who benefits:

Aerobic Exercise Participants
Experience the decrease of pain in both the upper and lower back due to the greater strength and flexibility gained.

Fitness Enthusiasts & Athletes
Using Original SANDDUNE™ 2-4 times weekly, 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the purpose; pre-conditioning, enhancing performance levels, post-op or sprain rehabilitation, are realizing greater control, response and more flexibility with trunk and lower body working together more effectively with greater balance.

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