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Benefits of proprioceptive enhancing qualities:Front Angle Golf shrp

  • Explosive lower body strength

  • Rapid reaction reflexes

  • Enhanced balance & coordination

  • Dynamic flexibility of lower body strength


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Strength & conditioning benefits for sports / rehab:

  • Increase in a broader foundation to rehabilitate, work and train from.

  • Conditioning that works closer to an individual’s limits of physical capability in a safe and protected way.

  • Works those muscles closest to the bone.



Challenges treated with the Original SANDDUNE™ *:

  • Recovery from long periods of bed rest due to illness or injury. For example, stroke and heart attack


    Yeah, here’s another one…The well-known boxing referee tells about his experience with Original SANDDUNE 3 months after his initial try of exercise and balance-strengthening.

  • Hip, knee, ankle or foot surgery

  • Weight Loss

  • Neuropathies

  • Acute and subacute strain, foot, ankle, & leg

  • Drop Foot and other gait challenges

  • Issues related to Parkinson’s & MS

  • Ability to walk with confidence through learning proper posture & balance in the positioning of a “body out of balance”

  • Highly effective for fall prevention programs

    Lou Squats

    Click on the image to learn more about former NFL Pro Cornerback Lucious Irvin Smith of Lou’s Training Systems. Lou is no stranger to sports performance training and rehabilitation. Utilizing Original SANDDUNE™ after his 2nd hip replacement surgery, Lou was positively influenced with the lower body strengthening it delivered in a short period of time with consistent use. “It challenges the glutes making them fire. This is your base and key for keeping the lower back strong.”

    Click on the image to learn more about Lou Smith.

  • Upper back strain, low back pain

  • Visual and vestibular challenges in all ages

* Resulting in greater satisfaction of results to both patient & therapist














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Labor Day - Copyright ©2014 by Cynthia Orsini-Dahl. All Rights Reserved

Copyright ©2014 by Cynthia Orsini-Dahl. All Rights Reserved