Strength & conditioning benefits for sports / rehab:

  • Increase in a broader foundation to rehabilitate, work and train from.

  • Conditioning that works closer to an individual’s limits of physical capability in a safe and protected way.

  • Works those muscles closest to the bone.


Challenges treated with the Original SANDDUNE™ *:

  • Hip, knee, ankle or foot surgery

  • Weight Loss

  • Neuropathies

  • Recovery from long periods of bed rest due to illness or injury. For example, stroke and heart attack

  • Acute and sub acute strain, foot, ankle, & leg

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    Parkinson’s Patient

  • Drop Foot and other gait challenges

  • Issues related to Parkinson’s & MS

  • Ability to walk with confidence through learning proper posture & balance in the positioning of a “body out of balance”

  • Highly effective for fall prevention programs

  • Upper back strain, low back pain

  • Visual and vestibular challenges in all ages

* Resulting in greater satisfaction of results to both patient & therapist